The IUSB Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) student chapter is quickly becoming a visible, active student organization with over 50 members joining in just the first six weeks of the 2013 Fall semester, and a total of 20 active, paying members as of the 2014 Spring Semester.

The club holds meetings twice a month where we conduct career management activities, host guest speakers, raise funds, and provide knowledge-sharing opportunities, which compliment what our student members are learning in the classroom.

In the Fall semester we hosted Meagan Thornburg (IUSB Career Services), Becky Ragsdale (Fiserv), Peggy Cronin (Smoker Craft), and Brenda Kaiser (Smoker Craft).

We also conducted two different fundraisers with a goal of raising $1,000, which we exceeded thanks to all our wonderful members, who worked hard and raised over $1,300, an amount which then the Judd Leighton School of Business matched at 100%!

This Spring semester, we hosted Meagan Thornburg (Career Services), Tom Searcy (Through Eagles Eyes, Inc.), Steve Eller (Beacon Health Systems), and Lisa Kindred (Indiana Tech).

A number of club members also had the great pleasure of attending the 2014 Regional SHRM Conference due to the amount of funds raised in the Fall semester. Furthermore, with these funds, the IUSB Society for Human Resource Management was able to donate a portion of their profits to the local Michiana SHRM.

In the coming school year, stay tuned for more guest speakers, learning opportunities, conferences, field trips, and many more exciting activities!